Business with Graeme Crosskill, Amsterdam

Business with Graeme Crosskill, Amsterdam

28 apr 10:00 - 29 apr 18:00 - Amsterdam
StaAn Studio


• Symphony Of Business | Private Sessions

Date: 27th April

Fee: Single Person €250 | 2 People €350

“The Symphony of Business is this energetic body process that I do where together with you and your body we invite your business, its own energy, its own consciousness, to work on you, your body and your reality so that you get the sense of where you can start to create very differently without any force and effort and have a greater flow with one of your best friends called your business; it’s about getting business to work for you and becoming a space and a platform of actualization in this reality.”

-Graeme Crosskill

The Symphony of Business session creates a real joyful connection and a total elimination of separation between you, your gifts, talents and abilities so that you can start to create very differently without any force and effort and have a greater flow with one of your best friends called your business allowing it to be the platform off which you can actualize in this reality.

Going firstly through a one-on-one conversation where we actually talk about how to change certain energies straight away so that once we’ve changed all these energies, once we’ve changed these blocks and you become more comfortable and confident in what you’re choosing and we lay out some really cool pragmatic tools, ways, questions of how to change the way to engage and create your business then we can start the Symphony of Business energetic work that allows your body to unlock a lot of staff that’s going on in your life – thoughts, feelings, emotions, pains, intensities, all of these can start to unlock during the SOB session as well – to have a much more dynamic flow and expand the space of you, your body and your business so that together you be a greater creation.

The Symphony of Business session is for those that are seeking a greater future, a lot easier life and living and a lot more adventure and it’s for those people looking for a way to finally connect with that spark in their life, with that magic that they have, with that uniqueness that they have to not only engage and create their business in a new and more dynamic way but also to start to use business to create a different reality for them and the entire planet.


• The Art of Risk | Evening Taster (Meet & Greet Evening After)

Date: 28th April

Fee: €50 (Please Note: If you choose both The Art of Risk & Symphony Of Business, it will be €350)
What if risk, and the energy of risk, from a space of being present, being aware, asking questions, asking to create a greater reality, contributed to create a sustainable future for yourself, for the planet and for everyone else? What if from that space risk can be the creative contribution, the creative source, the creative energy for you to have everything that you desire and more.

Risk is this thing that we’ve been thought is something that needs to be analyzed, needs to be questioned in a problematic way, in a logical solution way, whether it’s gonna work, whether it’s not gonna work, pros and cons, and really what that’s all about is coming to the lowest common denominator of an answer to actually make sure that you never choose the next step that would allow you to create much greater.

So what we’re gonna be delivering in this class, what we’re gonna be looking in this class and actually what we’re gonna be opening up the space too in this class is that capacity in which you can function from your knowing and then to not have the drama and the trauma and the intensity and the fear of risk but actually the art and the elegance that the energy of risking give you and the joy and the creation and choosing the steps day by day to get a greater reality to actualize for you and show up for you. A so much kind and much easy and much joyful way and it’s who we’re naturally are; we are beings of risk, when we don’t risk we get bored and that’s when we create crap. When we’re willing to risk everyday then we live on this enthusiastic enthusiasm acoustical wavelength of joy all the time because we know that we’re heading to what’s creating more everyday.


• Symphony Of Business | 1 Day Class

Date: 29th April

Fee: €320 (Please Note: If you choose both The Art of Risk & Symphony Of Business, it will be €350)

A Symphony of Business class allows you to be connected to and with your business, and your business with you. No longer are you alone in the game of trying to overcome the impossible.

When you allow your business to be a part of you, allow it to contribute to you, and allow it to out create you, the world begins to play a different tune for YOU!

The flows of business and the world start to play for you everywhere you go. Choices become easier. Growth becomes natural. And business becomes the joy it should be.

SOB classes unlock all the energetic pathways of judgment you have set yourself up by from the begging. It starts to uncreate all the areas you have that creates the void between you, your business and the actualization of success.

You no longer choose judgment and limitation as the priority. You begin to truly live in the space of possibility

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